Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prayer for Survivors

Lord Jesus, for my brothers and sisters that have been deeply and devastatingly wounded by physical, by emotional and by sexual abuse I pray healing.  I pray that today they will feel the healing presence of the Holy Spirit, the great comforter.  There are no human words to take away their pain and disappointment, only Your healing touch.  As the sun rises this morning, so bright you have to squint to see, I pray those same powerful bright rays of light would pierce the darkness in their lives.  As the pain chills their bones, I pray your rays of light would warm them like a cozy blanket.  I pray in Jesus name that the attacks of the enemy, that attacks in dreams, body sensations and flashbacks would be halted by your power of protection.   As they grieve for their family, and are tormented by feelings of abandonment, I pray that You would draw them into a new family of steadfast believers, to be a witness to your everlasting love.  I pray You would be their Father that holds them close.  As they stand in judgment from family and friends, not believing their testimony of sexual abuse, may you give them strength to walk in the truth, no matter the cost.  May you empower them to forgive all the heartache and suffering, from all those that abused, abandoned and neglected them.  May you flood them with Your overflowing love, to those that would turn their backs on them when they needed them the most.  May you empty their hearts of resentment, of anger and of desperation?  May you fill them with hope and anticipation for an amazing future walking hand in hand with You.  May they hear Your small still voice that says, “I love you and I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  May they today begin to put their trust in You and not in “man.”  May they receive today a hunger and a thirst for Your word, and be flooded with peace as they read your faithfulness throughout time.  May they be cleansed of all feelings of indignity by Your blood Jesus, that was shed on the cross for them?  Help them Holy Spirit to feel Your love in a real and powerful way as they have never felt before.  Help them to bask in your presence and just be loved on today by You.  May today be the day that they surrender all to you.  If they do not know You in a real and personal way as their savior, their friend, their confident, may they today give their life to you. 

In Jesus name I pray

                                                                                 Angela Williams

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