Monday, May 15, 2017


 Why is it that new grief resurrects old grief in our soul.  As a survivor of child sexual abuse I am no stranger to sadness.  I had to fight though the fog of depression, in order for one foot to step in front of the next.  Years later, a trial that ushers in grief just opens the flood gates to that past grief that I feel has been processed, grieved, and tucked away.  All I can pray is God, please take this cup.  Please don’t let it overflow, overrun and flood my heart, my spirit and into my whole life.  Take this cup and let me stand in your strength to know that there is no trial that You and I can’t manage.  Help usher me through the darkness to the light, and not linger in doubt, confusion or sadness.  Please Lord give me light, take the weight of sorrow and give me peace, your kind of peace that passes all understanding and says that I can do ALL things through You Christ Jesus, who strengthens me. 

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